Welcome To SpringUnit

SpringUnit is a framework that enables Java developers to create unit tests where test data is separate from test algorithms. Writing tests this way:

  • enables easy addition of test cases that differ only in their inputs and expected outcomes
  • facilitates reuse of data values across test cases
  • reduces Java source code devoted to the creation and retrieval of data values
  • promotes and supports a style that removes redundant test algorithmic code
For individuals and organizations that take unit testing seriously - that is, those that create and maintain tests on equal footing with delivered source code - SpringUnit facilitates easier maintenance of unit tests while introducing low overhead at test creation. Click here to I'd like to hear from you! How well does SpringUnit work for you? How can SpringUnit be made better? How did you find SpringUnit? Click here to contact the developer.


Version 0.6 of SpringUnit has been released. This addresses the following issues:
  • Upgrade to Spring 2.x (Issue 1837727)
  • Upgrade to JUnit 4 (Issue 1837729)
  • Make constructors protected (Issue 1725824)
  • Rename hierarchical context field (Issue 1725829)
  • Make visibility of getObject consistent (Issue 1837726)
  • SpringUnitTransactionalTest should be abstract (Issue 1725822)
An update to the Eclipse plug-in (version 0.3.0) has also been released. The plug-in supports JUnit 4 testing and also adapts to minor changes in the SpringUnit framework relating to integration with Spring 2.x.

SpringUnit at Agile 2007

Here are the slides from the tutorial on SpringUnit given at the Agile 2007 Conference in Washington, DC.